Purpose: protects the skin of the inner thigh from irritation and rash caused by rubbing while wearing skirts and dresses on bare legs.
Content: 1 pair = 2 pieces

Made of porous cotton fabric with a medical grade acrylic adhesive that allows the skin to breath and be cleaned while showering.

How to use: 1 pair / up to 8 hours a day
The protector has a preventive purpose. It is used prior to any activity cousing irritation.

Removal: for easier peel make shure to remove under hot water/shower. Slowly and gently peel away while holding skin back with the other hand.

Clean and dry your skin. Carefully peel off the
back side A of the protective paper depending
on which leg you are applying the protector.
Position following the paper cutting line* and „UP“
sign to inside thigh area. Peel off the front side B
and paste the remaining half.
Apply the same procedure on the other leg.
*paper cutting line should be placed approximately
on the same position as the inside seam of your trousers.
Warnings: It is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Do not use on cut, damaged or sore skin. Discontinue use if signs of rash or orritation appear. If irritation continues please consult your doctor.

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