Purpose: shapes and lifts your breasts when you are not wearing a bra. With the adhesive lifters you can avoid the discomfort and visibility of a bra without having to worry about gravity. Made of reusable and breathable material with 100% medical silicone adhesive. It is latex free, flexible during movement and transparent. Great for those special occasions when wearing backless and strapless dresses, lace and transparent panels, one shoulder pieces or a low cut cleavage.

Content: 1 pair = 2 pieces + protective paper for storage, 1 piece

How to use: up to 8 hours a day, 5 - 6 days

Removal: once used carefully peel it off and wash with soap and / or water and lay flat to dry. Once dry place the protective paper on the adhesive to store and protect it from dust and other particles.


Before applying clean and dry your skin. Carefully peel off
the lower protective paper „down“ from the breast lifter.
Position above the nipple to desired area
and press onto your skin.
Carefully peel off the the upper protective paper „up“.
Lift up on desirable position and press firmly onto your skin.
Apply the same procedure on the other breast. Before using press firmly for 15 seconds. Once used carefully peel it off from your skin, wash and store.
Warnings: It is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Do not use on cut, damaged or sore skin. Discontinue use if signs of rash or orritation appear. If irritation continues please consult your doctor.

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