Thigh protector vs. Anti-rub do I choose?

Both prevent your thighs from rubbing against each other. You can choose which one to use depending on the amount of activity you plan to have during the day.
The thigh protector is the most durable and strong solution, it prevents rubbing during most of your day. It is great when you are on your summer vacation sightseeing and walking the whole day or having a busy day by running errands and walking around a lot.
The anti-rub gel is for everyday use. It is great for medium to low activity, when you are at work or going to the grocery store. Depending on your activity it may need to be re-applied so we made it in a bag friendly size.



How do I remove my thigh protector?

The longer you wear it, it actually sticks even more to the skin. For an easier peel make sure to remove under hot water or shower. Slowly and gently peel away while holding your skin back with the other hand.




Breast lifters dilemma, disposable vs. reusable... what is the difference?

Because you get to wear it multiple times the disposable lifters are cheaper. They are also transparent and waterproof. At the same time you have to wash and store them which is not the case with the disposable ones. The disposable lifters are more practical to use (use and throw away) but each pair is used only once.




Do I really need to wash the reusable breast lifters?

Yes! This way you remove any dead skin left behind. After washing you need to store it on the protective paper you find in the packaging. This way you protect it from any dust or other particles so that you make it last longer.




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